Wargaming and Warfare in Eastern Europe

(1350 AD to  1500 AD )


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This website has been static for many years due to a shift in my interests, Life has a way of coming full circle though and I have returned to my love of Medieval and ancient warfare. I have about twenty years of academic research to catch up on but do intend to start revamping and updating this website.

Matt Haywood Dec 2019


Welcome to my site. It combines two of my major interests, wargaming and history. The site is under continued revision and construction, so my apologises if you can't find what you are after. At the moment I am limiting it to the above dates but hopefully it will eventually cover 1200-1700. Please drop me a note if there is any thing you disagree with or want more details on and I will either justify myself or do my best to answer your questions. Pages with no information on them are bracketed.


Matt Haywood. Feb 2002.

About this Site

My aim is to provide information for wargamers and military history buffs. The wargaming side is aimed primarily for the DBM/DBR ruleset and lists. At the moment the site contains limited wargaming information but I am working on it! Anyone who fancies contributing an article or two is more than welcome, just drop me a note to discuss (Email). Especially welcome would be DBM tactics for the various armies.

What's new

Painting Page 2020-2021



Added a download for the Teutonic Order banners used for Danny's army.


pictures added of my Early Imperial Roman army


Pictures added of a Teutonic Order Army I painted for Danny


piccies and brief descriptions of my games at the Pisa competition.


Pictures added of Emmanuel Roy's Hussite army, he's done a fantastic paint job on them.


Pictures added of a Feudal Spanish army I painted for Dave Madigan.


Pictures added of my Kushite Egyptian army.


Pictures added of replica Hungarian warwagons, Pictures courtesy of Emmanuel Roy, taken at the Hungarian Castle
of Visegrad, not far north of Budapest.


Finally managed to add the Battle of Belgrade to the Hungarian battles page.

Also added some piccies of my new toys- a Later Swiss army.



pictures added of the Medieval Serbian Army I 've painted for Huw Peregrine-Young. The banners I created for the Serbs can be downloaded from the Serb DBM page


added some Pictures from the Hungarian Military Museum in Budapest. Kindly provided Chris Pringle.


Added battle reports from the Britcon competition


Added battle reports from the Rollcall competition and close up piccies of the Early Burgundian that I used.


Previous Updates


This site is dedicated to the following people,

Professor J. Riley-Smith

For his excellent lectures on the First Crusade and allowing me to write my paper on the Military tactics of the First Crusaders.

The late Professor Les Collins of the School of Slavic and Eastern European Studies.

For many things, His excellent course on Land warfare in Eastern Europe 1300-1700, for allowing us all to smoke in tutorials!, for supplying massive amounts of notes and papers on Eastern Europe and most of all for his anecdotes and 'tall tales' . To this day I can't see a Porsche without thinking of Tatar Cavalry tactics. He is greatly missed.

All those that lurk and post on the dbmlist, providing answers to those tricky questions and for brightening the day with their humour. The list can be found at DBMLIST

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